Featured on CNBC’s Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

a friendlier SharkTank

Like most people, I had black bags. Frayed yarn tied to the handle is not my style. Something original and colorful is what I was looking for so I went to the internet but couldn’t find it. I knew exactly what I wanted so I created the first Luggage Huggers and flew from Arizona to New York. When my sons and I arrived at the baggage claim…Pa Pow! There was our first bag sliding onto the carousel! By the time the second bag came down we had a crowd around us asking where we bought these great luggage ID’s. By bag three, I was thrilled by the public response and how easily our bags were spotted!

So another entrepreneur was hatched! I was given the opportunity to teach my two wonderful sons the benefits of creativity, perseverance against all odds, the value of hard work, independence, and honest ethics both personally and professionally and the key to happiness…pursuit of your dreams.
— Lucia Burns, Inventor