Red and White Stripe


Red and White Stripe

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Two sizes covers everything you’ve got!

The ultimate luggage ID alternative.

LARGE Luggage Huggers will stretch to give a really good, tight fit to any medium to large, full size piece of luggage.

SMALL Luggage Huggers will fit tight around any carry-on bag up to any medium sized bag.

There are no plastic parts to break, ever. Huggers last for years and years! Excellent luggage tag alternative.

  • 5 inches wide for easiest visibility!

  • Made with high quality dual-ply spandex for maximum durability.

  • Tuck your water bottle and newspaper behind your Hugger for fast easy hands-free strolling. 

  • High visibility from a distance makes your luggage less likely to be stolen or misidentified and taken away.

  • Easy to attach to bag handle with the built in Hugger Leash.

  • Easily identify your luggage from any distance.

  • Easily stretches around your bag and even protects zipper-pulls.

  • Resists absorbing dirt which makes it easy to clean.

  • Sturdy Hugger is still easy to grab through if needed.

  • Weight about 3 oz.

  • Nylon-spandex

  • Machine washable

  • Made in USA

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